About Us

Our mission is to offer premium fresh organic products with premium customer service

We are second generation in our family in this business and we have gathered experiences in this area for decades. We are proud and passionate to offer our products for you which are pure, organical and beneficial for your health. From spring to autumn we are mostly focused on offering fresh berries, mushrooms and other fresh products. For frosting we are selecting premium quality raw materials which will be frozen and packed straight after forestry to preserve maximum fresh taste. For being able to offer healthy food for you throughout the year, our kitchen masters are continuously creating new exciting recipes and tastes from fresh and organic sources.

Pure Estonian forest pickers network
Farmers Network

Our products are available in Estonian well equipped grocery stores and we are having our own seasonal pop-up selling desks in various locations in Estonia. Also you can order products straight from us in smaller or larger quantities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat, contact form or call directly.