“Our mission is to offer premium quality fresh organic products with premium customer service"

We are offering wide range of fresh products mainly from estonian fields and pure forests. Our numerous products are EU organic labeled which means that they are extremely pure and farmed organically.

Why to Choose Us

We are passionate in what we do and our ultimate goal is to share natural fresh tastes with you
Natural healthy food will make you smile!

Fresh Products

We are using local fresh raw materials which are from pure Estonian nature and from carefully selected local farmers who are having long term expertise.

Any Time, Anywhere Delivery

We are offering fast and flexible delivery options for delivering our products to you as fresh as possible with our own transportation or with our long term logistics partners.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

We are offering products which are extremely healthy for you, for your family or for your clients. Eat fresh every day and you feel more healthy.

Clean, Fresh and Safety

We are collecting our berries and mushrooms straight from pickers in forest or from farmers straight after farming to maintain extreme freshness.

Our products are available from well equipped grocery stores